Friday, 17 April 2009

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Of course I have to talk about. Who wouldn't want to talk about a Tokoroa UFO sighting?

The host does make some excellent points. Yes, it is an "unidentified flying object" as it is an object that is flying and is unidentified. At no point does he go for any kind of alien connection. Even better, when Bruce Simpson suggests Rods, he immediately shuts that idea down.

Two far more rational ideas are an insect or a golf ball. The insect seems to disappear in the clouds, but that's just because it's hard to see in the first place, and very quickly moving. I didn't even see whatever it was when they screened it, and only when they slowed it right down did I finally spot the moving blur. Interestingly, Bruce says he didn't see the UFO until they watched the tape. That's a good indication there that there was nothing particularly noteworthy going on at the time.

The other idea of a golf ball is possible (although it would also "disappear"). More interesting I noted was that after the golf ball idea came up, the host said "yes, I can see it as a golf ball now". Once we have a filter that we can see, we see it definitely. Like hearing backwards lyrics once they have been pointed out. We are suggestible, which is one reason behind ufo proliferation.

Anyway, another great example of the lack of alien aircraft our many video camera users are failing to capture...


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