Friday, 24 April 2009


Nothing disappears with the internet! Not even a game I played on a computer that was around before there was an internet worth talking about! I'm referring to the ZX81. Or rather, we had Timex Sinclair 1000, the difference being that the Timex had 2K base memory whereas the ZX81 only had 1K. Wow! Both had expansion packs that took them to a whopping 16K, but ours eventually failed. Which was a shame as it meant we could no longer play certain games, such as Mazogs. In which you ran through a randomly generated maze to find treasure and avoid, or kill, the creatures inside. See an exciting game below! Or play for yourself on a more upgraded version (graphics-wise).

One of the best things about our computer ended up being my dad building a new keyboard for it (him being an electrician and all) which gave us the keyboard and toggle switches we could use as a joystick, and the wiring was flexible enough that we could wire up any combination we wanted. Great piece of work, now lost in the mists of... wherever it ended up...


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Mazogs running on the web - a remake