Thursday, 23 April 2009


There's nothing better than seeing a movie with subtitles! While I have attended one or two English speaking movies where they had subtitles (nice that some movies have this variant for the hearing impaired), this time it was far more sensible as it was the Asian movie Sniper.

The plot is not uncommon, a cop (Lincoln) has a bad day and ends up going rogue, to be challenged by his compatriots on the force, including up and comer OJ. The conflicts lead to some interesting scenes, and as the point of the movie, as in the title, is Sniping, there was a fair amount of that going on. Fine, the shots are very nicely set up from a production viewpoint, but when caught up in the movie, who cares? They look great!

The characters were interesting (although, yes, as a stereotypical Westener, I had some early trouble working out who was who), although there are still some relationships I'm not quite sure of, and may have made more sense in the Asian culture. (That all said, I did know about the girlfriend as soon as I saw her.)

It's a very enjoyable movie, as if you like action movies, let alone Asian movies, definitely check it out!


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