Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The people that you meet

The guests are one thing, and the other is the stores. Lots and lots of stuff. I brought some DVDs, and some puzzles, and saw the first public appearance of Retrospace. See Rochelle and Paul hard at work!

Quite a lot was sold! There was a lot less merchandise returning than came down.

On the evening of the first day was a pub meet, where I got to catch up with many a people in the Doctor Who scene, a lot of them from Auckland. This isn't everyone who turned up, but those who were there when I took the photo. (And now we know who photographs the photographers!)

We had the biggest snug, and snug was definitely the right term. Conversations flowed around many topics, including Doctor Who (strange that), Star Wars, Matrix, Battlestar Galatica, and more Doctor Who. We found that Paul had been proposed to, Chris liked Sol (probably because it was plentiful and cheap) and Dave had his pink script signed. It went on for four hours, and longer, but that's when I left. Good times all round...

And for those who saw Wellington has no culture, I came across this free performance in Civic Square on the way to the meet. No idea who they were, but, hey, free!

Note: there was only around a dozen people watching. Culture, yes. Popular...



Morgan said...

Blimey, is that Graham Howard in there? And a bunch of other familiar faces from the past! If the wedding I went to wasn't so extremely wonderful, I'd have real cause to be miserable for missing this!

Paul Scoones said...

The Sol was good, but Chris and I suffered for it the following day!

It was lovely to catch up with so many familiar faces from the Wellington Chapter, and the presence of a fairly equal number of Aucklanders made it feel like the first truly cross-chapter pub meet. Must do it again soon!

Paul Scoones said...

I'm about to take a shot with my camera in that second photo, and here it is:

And here's another photo I took at the pub meet:

Foo said...

Really sorry I couldn't be there for it - it looked like a lot of fun!