Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Also seeing

There were, of course, other guests at Armageddon. Such as... Michael Winslow!

Extremely entertaining stuff. The first day he took questions, although didn't really answer them as use them as an excuse to slip into various sounds. Have to admit really enjoyed the Fifth Element Chris Tucker bit.

On the second day it was more performance, although he did repeat a lot of the previous day's stuff. People got a chance to make their own noises, some of them quite well! He did his Robert Plant, Jimi Hendrix and Louis Armstrong bit, but didn't make it to Bob Marley.

Also appearing was Kevin Sorbo and Michael Hirst. They didn't last the whole hour as questions were thin on the ground. Well, it was a while since Hercules was on, and Andromeda was only worth talking about for the first two seasons.


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