Friday, 3 April 2009

Putting the 'con' in Conflicker

So, apparently the world didn't end the other day due to Conflicker.C. Huh, how about that? A lot of people did think it had been patched and disinfected and stuff, and yet there was still a lot of concern when April 1 hit.

The response to this threat? Big corporations, like Microsoft and Symantec, brought up domain names so Conflicker couldn't access them. And at least one anti-virus vendor was kind enough to put out an anti-Conflicker tool.

Although I note that when I ran that tool, after telling me I didn't have it, it wanted to access some problems, including Firefox (most likely to say "hey, look at our website") but also something else. Um. Why? What are you trying to run? And I already know about your website as that's where I got the program from. So, just what were you trying to access then?

Not to mention that there are many domain names that I would now need to negotiate with the big boys around if I wanted to use them.

So... not only has Conflicker not done anything, several corporations are now in a position that weren't in before...

I'm not saying Conflicker is not a threat, nor am I saying the big corporations are involved in it, but they aren't suffering that badly...

EDIT: This was written before I read this article. "The fears of an attack, however, may have been a windfall for anti-virus software makers, who warned consumers about the worm, industry analysts say." Ha!


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