Friday, 29 May 2009

Definitely divergent Dexters

Having now read the third Dexter book, it's hard to see anything in here that's in the third series. Yes, there is more about the buildup to the marriage, but... that's about it. No skin remover, no sudden extra cop, no Deb hooking up with a CI, none of that.

Instead Jeff Lindsay focuses on the origin of the Dark Passenger, as it is revealed that it is a distinct entity rather than just a twisted part of Dexter's mind (this is all revealed in the opening scene). Jeff gets almost philosophical about it, but it basically could be summarised (again, just off the opening scene) as "Evil From The Dawn Of Time!"

Not entirely sure about this sudden infusion of mythology, although Jeff definitely has done (at least basic) research and gets the references right to rituals although not entirely sure about other links (although it wouldn't surprise me that someone has already made up connetions and he just tapped into that as it suited his story). [Obviously, I'm trying not to give it all away here.]

There are ongoing developments with the kids, Cody and Astor, and the focus is definitely on Dexter rather than some other killer just happening to be in Miami. A decent book, but not sure if this is a direction Jeff intends to pursue further. (The next book is obviously ont he reading list, although I haven't picked up a copy yet.)


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