Thursday, 28 May 2009

Women who love women, and the men who kill them

Sounds like a bad Jerry Springer episode right? (aka a Jerry Springer episode) But no, I am talking about the latest movie starring Paul McGann! It was great to see him on the screen again, really bringing a serious performance to such a role in the middle of... what the hell was that about again?

Interesting piece of Trivia: Writers Williams and Hupfield were challenged to think of the dumbest and yet most commercial title possible for a film, Lesbian Vampire Killers was the answer. They then went away and wrote the script.

That explains a lot. On the face of it, not a lot here that is new. Vampires abound, and some doofuses (doofi?) arise to battle them. The vampires are sexed up (and yes, there are bare chest shots), but this could be many other vampire movies.

It's definitely a comedy, with the corny dialogue (usually from Fletch) and spurting white goo whenever a vampire gets penetrated, and yet... it's not that overly funny. They are certainly trying, and there are comedic moments, but once you get beneath the face of it, there isn't a lot there. As it is unoriginal, it does get to the point of "and now get to this moment, hurry up".

I mainly went to see this because of Paul McGann. To be honest, that's probably about the best reason you are going to get.

(In an attempt to trigger NSFW filters, let me discuss the title. I was confused. Was it about Vampires who were Killers and also Lesbians? How about Killers, who are Lesbians, that kill Vampires? Or are they Killers of Lesbian Vampires? When I heard the title, I went for the first option, although speaking of Vampires who are Killers is like talking about Assassins that are Deadly.)


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Foo said...

When I got to the UK, Corden and Horne were EVERYWHERE. Literally saturating the media and I hadn't heard of them. Corden has been linked with Sheridan Smith (Lucie Miller in the 8th Doctor audio stories) and Corden and Horne's show Gavin and Stacy seems to be a UK institution. I watched some of it a few nights ago and quickly realise it's one of those shows you need to watch over a period of time, get to know the characters etc. To be honest, it didn't really grab and seemed a bit lame. I did laugh twice in about 15 minutes.

I did read that Corden wasn't too impressed with the Lesbian Vampire Killers and said that it wasn't the movie they would have made, but I imagine they get a shed load of money for it.

In fact, when I saw that Paul McGann was in it, I actually thought I could watch it (but I wouldn't waste money on it at the movies...wait for the DVD).

In fact, all I really want to see is PM, so maybe there will be an edited version with just his scenes?

On a completely unrelated note - have started watching Mad Men on DVD and two episodes in am loving it. Well worth a peek.