Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Giving up the ghost

Apparently in order to prove that no-one can take a photo properly, readers sent in more ghost photos. What the...?

At the time of writing, there are six new photos. Aside from the easy answers of either photoshop or accidental image corruption in memory.

1 - cave shot - that picture is so blurry I can't tell what is supposed to be a ghost, but given the amoutn the camera was moving, I'm not surprised there are strange images!

2 - barbeque - ... what? I don't even see anything strange!

3 - car defrost - water spreads out, makes an image we immediate read as a head.... and? Again, pareidolia.

4 - uncle - again camera movement creates strangeness.

5 - house light - I'm thinking in camera reflection of main guy.

6 - ski resort - camera movement plus pareidolia.

See here for how various everyday objects and camera movements can create ghostly photos!


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