Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Is it action? Is it a thriller? Is it a crime movie? Is it just rubbish? What is it about Evil Corporations? This isn't the Quantum, but nevertheless, The International BBC is just as invested in gun running, which looks to be the area of money growth.

Apparently this film was reshot to make it more actiony. I can believe that, as there are large sections which are, simply, dull. And then there are action sequences. And the film flits between the two like they were badly stitched together. Which they were.

In the non-action bits of the movie, the heroes (as such) wander around until they trip over huge slabs of exposition. In the action bits, the heroes run around... and that's about that. It's a movie about a corrupt bank, and this isn't James Bond, so there's only so much "who's the next connection?" the audience can stand. Not to mention that although they seem to have fingers in every pie going, they are still extremely incompetent.

Clive Owen I knew I had seen somewhere, but didn't pick Inside Man (they're making a sequel? Of course they are making a sequel, why wouldn't they make a sequel?). Naomi Watts doesn't get the screen time of King Kong, but also fails to irritate. And then there was Armin Mueller-Stahl, what a great actor, I could watch him in anything, and he did make this movie so enjoyable (although there were moments even he couldn't save).

The International looked at least nearly interesting in the trailer, but is only worth seeing if you haven't got anything more interesting showing.


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