Saturday, 2 May 2009

Harper's Island... of jerks!

A new series has hit the screens, which goes by the name of Harpers's Island. (Note: the page records who survives, or not, each episode, so is severe spoilers if you haven't seen the episodes.) It follows the vein of Ten Little Niggers (or And Then There Was One, if you are politically correct) of people slowly being killed off. That said, we are now three episodes in, and I have two problems with it.

The first is that no-one is noticing the deaths. Fine if Joe-Bob the nobody gets it, but these are supposedly friends and family members that are getting it, and yet no-one is going 'where's Kate?' or 'what about Bob?' Some of them are covered up, but there are still some killed off that definitely should have been noticed, but nope. It's as if the characters are completely oblivious to what’s going on, which brings me to point two.

None of the main cast is likeable. The non-murder bits revolve around a bunch of rich kids (a la OC… which I have admittedly never seen) involved in a wedding. It's almost soap operatic in the ins and outs that are going on, suddenly Derek turns up, or Victor will suddenly be revealed as Wilma's brother, or... bah, I don't care! Get on with killing them all! Can't happen fast enough for me. (Although, for some reason, I think the core main cast will survive the longest. Weird that.)

Big name wise, I spotted Bobby from Supernatural and the testicular cancer girl from House. Undoubtedly there are others, some look familiar, but no really BIG names.

Despite the two points, I'm still watching. Fortunately, there are only thirteen episodes, so I'm thinking they’ll have to pay attention soon.


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Foo said...

Hmmmm, being a huge fan of this sort of thing (conceptually, not necessarily in execution) I’m really keen to watch. I love murder mysteries like this but perhaps the cast of characters will not be to my liking. Well, I’m keen to give it a try!