Monday, 4 May 2009

HC Again

Once again, for some reason, I am crazy enough to GM a game. Moreover, I stupidly give the players time before the actual mission to do stuff. Any fears I had about the game not lasting disappeared as they immediately decide to create a massive traffic jam. Right, okay.

Cut to the mission, and don't tell me that "if the players don't know about [plot elements], it never happened". They skip three of the four points I had where they could have gotten information, and it's not until I throw in some neon signs that "something odd is going on" that any notice is played. (Although if they hadn't noticed, I knew what was going to happen.)

There were some timed aspects to the mission, so now I need to develop the next section taking different elements into account than I was thinking would be around. Fun!

Keep on Trucking.


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