Monday, 4 May 2009

No ghost of a chance

There are times when you have to comment on something that crops up in the day. For example, these Ghost Photos. (A fuller set here.) Interesting comments too. Not so strangely, I agree with Vicki Hyde.

No, I am not thinking these are evidences of ghosts. Yes, I am thinking Pareidolia.

My quick takes:

Scottish castle - my immediate thought is that someone placed the figure there, and someone else happened upon it and snapped it. No proof of that right this second, of course.

Fire faces - definite pareidolia.

Pub - there's a face? Reflection + pareidolia.

Head in basket - explained in article.

Linwood College - I'd like to see a picture of the area without the people there. Don't quite accept Vicki's "someone mugging" answer. Thinking more of a knotted tree in the background. (Note also that the image is on an angle, which doesn't help interpretation.)


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