Tuesday, 12 May 2009

HC Again

Lots of role playing this time. On the Friday, we did an adventure already run by the others. We take half as long (but with half the distractions), and just gone on with it. In this case, just going for it is the answer. A Restoration of Evil Redoux.

But then I got in on the Saturday as one of the other players didn't turn up. I entered in (at hour four) on a standard CSI case. Even without the other distractions of the SS stuff, we still took far too long to get on with it. When it is redone on Friday, I expect it will be a lot quicker (even with me being on a No-Brainer). Campaign.

Then we had some time, but not really enough for a full on case. However, there were developments with the KBC building to look at, and a chance idea by me suddenly uncovers plot that Logan didn't expect us to get to until it was too late. In the words of HC: Surprise, bitch! Lead Poisoning.


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