Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Scarf-Eating Moths!

Finding my Tuesday freed from GMing once again, I was faced with possibilities. Go off to the latest Star Trek movie? Go home and eat pizza? Visit the library for several hours?

Or meet up with friends to see the opening night of Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf?

Currently playing at Bats, this is just over an hour of Tony Hadoke doing what is basically a monologue act about his life and his interaction with Doctor Who, with occasional asides on other fandoms and a free rant on the intelligence of viewing audiences.

Yes, it is fun. There were many laughs, coming free and easy. That said, there were tougher laughs, almost like an inside joke that he wanted us to share but had to explain to us first. And then there were the jokes that we (being more the hardcore fans) could see as funny, but was absolutely hilarious to people to have to deal with us with DW obsessions.

There were some more English jokes in there that some people might get, and only a few jokes specificially for the New Zealand audience. That said, this was the first night here, and he was a little frenzied, and jet laqgged, so might calm down and get more local as the show goes on. Auckland goers should report.

I'm not going to give away any of the jokes, and this is certainly different to the CD. Definitely check it out if you have the chance.



Foo said...

Great review there Jamas, I see you have taken a leaf out of Rhys Darby's book (

You, sir, are definitely not an amateur :-)

It's actually one of my regrets that I never got to see him perform live, but maybe I will in the future. I loved listening to the audio show which came out a few years ago.

Foo said...

I mean Toby Hadoke perform live (not Rhys Darby). Actually, scratch that, I would like to see Rhys live as well. Love him in Flight of the Conchords!