Monday, 18 May 2009

Music these days

I don't get kids these days with their music (with their hipping and their hopping and their biping and their bopping). When I look a the latest music charts, all I can think is "what crap". There basically seem to be two kinds of songs (a generalisation I contradict by including a third category later).

First is the "woman = bithes" song. Male singers are like "hey, you such a ho girl, let's have sex". Female singers are like "I'm so sexy, you want to have sex with me."

The other is the "emotional love" song. Male singers are like "hey, I'm so emotional and sensitive over love, let's have sex." Female singers are "I'm so in love, ooh yeah, ooh yeah... ooh yeah."

The main problem I have is that I don't believe in the sincerity of any of them. They all sound fake and constructed and more exercises in sentimentality in order to get the sales. While sales are important, it would be nice to have a song that actually means something than another exercise in applied pop psychology.

(Another category is the dance song, which is more about creating a thumping beat than the lyrics, but at least that doesn't have pretenses of real emotionality.)


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