Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Star Trekked

Yep, eventually saw the next big sci-fi geek film (more or less, small problem that the projector failed for about five minutes during Spock's very important (I'm sure) backstory, but... didn't miss it. They didn't give us free tickets to compensate either. Huh).

Now, I'm no Star Trek uber-fan, so I wasn't going to be that bothered about lack of continuity, but I was disappointed by the plot. The source of Nero's ship is unoriginal (and for a while I was reminded of Star Trek: Nemesis), especially having seen the New Star Trek Voyages fan episodes in which that sort of thing seems to happen every other episode! And it was largely interspersed with The Wacky Adventures of James T. Kirk... why? Was it a producer demand for that large creature to appear? (Spatterings of the giant spider in Wild Wild West!) Not that impressed, really.

On the other hands, I did enjoy the characters. Chris Pine as Kirk wasn't that impressive, with better acting plaudits going to Zachary Quinto as Spock and Karl Urban as Bones (and they got far better lines). Simon Pegg's Scotty was... underwhelming, and, I have to say, Leonard Nimoy... really? Did he really need to be dragged into this? Eric Bana was passable as Nero, and Bruce Greenwood delivered a great performance.

(Should I mention such plot strangeness as "why does the ship have a windy twisty tube of water that doubles back on itself?" or "if you only need a small bit of red matter, why carry around so much?", and so on, or is that just being picky?)

My review isn't going to encourage or stop anyone from going to see it. My main recommendation: make sure you have a stable projector when you do!


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Foo said...

Yep, plot was a bit ho-hum and probably doesn't stand up that well under scrutiny.

However I think that everything else was pretty darn good. I quite liked the little interlude on the ice planet (the monsters were amusing) although I also wondered about old Spock being present. Guess it was the final handing of the torch as it were.

Young Spock and Bones were superb, Sulu, Scotty and Kirk okay, and not sure about Chekov - I kept thinking of Wesley Crusher! It will be interesting to see where the next film heads (I assume there will be a follow up).

The other thing about Star Trek films is the urban myth of 'one good, one bad' - does it work on odds or evens? I must confess I have only seen three Star Trek films from end to end, with this being the third. Doctor Who is more my thing ;-)