Thursday, 7 May 2009


So here we are with the biggest sci-fi geek movie of the year evah! (Until Star Trek was released a week later.) Once again we gather to see Hugh Jackman slice and dice his way through another no-brainer action movie.

Oh. Ah. Look at the movie. Just look at it. Certainly not much point trying to pick up on who is doing what as that relies on knowing the story continuity before even seeing the movie. I didn't (have read the Wiki entry now), so I could only appreciate it at a superficial level. Which was… fine. It was a pretty movie, there was some attempt at a character development (which involves death, as most movie character development seems to), and there was an ongoing plot arc involving Wolfy and his brother. (Who was apparently the same character as was in the previous movies, although that wasn't clear from the movie, and didn't seem to matter anyway.) The brother bit was nice, although it's not clear what resolution (if any) was reached.

We also get treated to lots of young X-Men (the most noticeable being Cyclops), but most of the time they are only meaningful to the hard-core X-Menites, and look just like random mutants to me.

Hugh Jackman gets to do lots of brooding acting, and Liev Schreiber gets as close to acting as he ever does. Danny Huston has a great screen presence, and there are other people on screen to. And CGI. Lots and lots of CGI. But it's a superhero movie, so that's to be expected.

Ultimately a movie to be watched if you like X-Men, or merely adequate sci-fi action movies. Wouldn't say 'must see', but I suspect most of us will see it anyway.


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Foo said...

Have you seen Star Trek yet? I think it blows Wolverine out of the water although I haven't seen Wolverine (nor, I must confess, X-Men 2 & 3)