Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The Chronicles of a DM: Part IX

After a rest, and picking up Velduur, they head back to the battlements to encounter a main boss fight in the form of the arrival of Magrathar the larva mage. He asks them politely to stop inconveniencing him and to throw themselves over the battlements. The PCs decide not to take him up on his offer. [Again Alrick busts out Evard's Tentacles before too long, and once again that pins down a lot of the enemies. Really a way of completely undercutting the battle. The larva mage does manage to keep out of them for most of the fight and beat up the paladin for a while, but that's completely irrelevant as the tentacles are the only important factor. Boom, bang, and they're all dead.]

With Magrathar's ring, they are able to cross the catwalk [skipping an encounter], and head into the Spire itself, finding a group of people including a Medusa at an altar. [Because Alrick is now EPIC level he is severly broken, which means that he can cast Evard's twice a day, and get it back if he spends an action point. Which adds up to TWO tentacle areas to completely gut the enemies. Sigh. It just makes everything so fricking pointless!!! It doesn't take many rounds before they're all dead.]

Without even a break for a little rest, the second wave attacks! [The text reads "if they have no problem with the first wave, throw the second wave at them immediately" and so I did. This fight does go on a lot longer, partly because I manage to stun the paladin for most of the fight. However, because they got another action point for the milestone, then BAM another set of tentacles. I highly doubt that WotC thought of this set up when they were designing powers. Hardly surprising but the PCs win again.]

Onwards, to the final controntation with Urishtar herself...


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