Thursday, 25 June 2009

One way to deal with obesity

Fine, we are in a recession. Fine, we need to get people into work as the numbers of people on benefits are rapidly increasing. However... is putting people into McDonalds really the best idea?

My main immediate thought is: would these people pass the requirements to be hired by McDonalds in the first place? I hope there is some prelimary screening, but I can also easily see circumstances that lead to McDonalds going "we want government money so we will hire whoever you send us, regardless of ability."

Which leads me to wonder if I would even want to consider eating a burger made by someone who isn't there because they can actually successfully put a pattie on a bun (they made be able to, but might not have been tested on that ability, so no guarantee), possibly served to me by someone who doesn't give a rat's arse about smiling or making sure that the packing actually contains the burger as it is passed to me (not that this is necessarily happening competantly at the moment...).

So, this could be a cunning plan to make sure people stay away from McDs, leading to healthier food options. Now that's an interesting health plan! Although if that did happen, I suspect that all that would happen is that other fast food joints would see an increase in their profits...


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