Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The Chronicles of a DM: Part VIII

Alrick and Reed fight on, round the corner, and find a many-headed beast. A Hydra! RAWR!!! There are a bunch of ogres and flamespewers as well, and the most intelligent around are the ogres. Oh yeah, this will be the fight of the intellects... [And stupid fight it is. The ogres are minions, so are easily dealt with, leaving the huge hit point Hydras and the flamespewing lizard things. I need to look into the Paladin powers, as whenever the Hydra attacked Alrick, the latter healed, and since I didn't always hit (in fact I rolled terribly!), it meant that Alrick was really hurt. I mean rarely hurt. If it weren't for doing non-AC attacks (against Reflex in this fight) I wouldn't hit at all. Since the Hydra was a slog, I ruled that if they got the Hyrda bloodied, and got down to one flamespewers, I'd charge them a healing surge and end the fight. The PCs were going to win, and slogging it out was boring, so let's roll on.]

They make their way through the fortress and up on to the battlements, in sight of the way to the Spire. However, they encounter a group of Slaads. Alrick tries diplomacy ("Give in to us, or die.") but since the Slaads only speak Primordial, we'll just move on to the battle. [Alrick threw down an Evard's Black Tentacles, but didn't know the Slaads could teleport... although once they teleported out of the area, they were will immobilised... huh. Still, it did break the fight up, and the range of vs Reflex, vs Will and vs Fortitude attacks meant I actually did some damage! But not a lot. And to the damage-soaking person. Sigh. Still, it did take time, and I still failed to hit many times. Eh.]

With that, they scored the fourth soul ring. As they found out last time, the rings together unite to combine... a way to summon the next fight! Next time...


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