Tuesday, 16 June 2009

DW: The Slitheen Excursion

The amazingly well-hidden monsters continue in The Slitheen Excursion by Simon Guerrier.

The Doctor conveniently meets June, from present day, and decides to take her back to ancient Athens because... he can. Then he encounters a distress signal and goes back even further to find alien interference in history. Really? That almost never happens, except all the time in the new series. And guess which alien race are behind it all? Go on, just guess.

I will reveal something that is wrong on the cover. Yes, very pretty, but they are all wearing neck-thingees which they use to get in and out of flesh suits. However, that never happens in this book. They have control unit things, but around their wrists! The reason I bring this up is that you spend a lot of time expecting, surprise!, Bob the ancient person is instead a Slitheen!! Complete mislead.

But on the whole alien interference aspect, it's not really that exciting. Aliens gather humans together to fight, fight, fight, and yet... it's mainly everyone standing around talking! There's very little action going on in this book with primitive humans gathered for fighting and the Slitheen hunters. The story just isn't impressive.

The characters aren't much better, in that not really developed. June, the new companion (and we'll see what the next book brings before we can confirm that title) is fairly generic. More character is given to the Slitheen, who are accurately captured, I think. As for the rest... meh.

Can currently only recommend for collect-a-holics.

Order: Again, take your pick.


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