Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Complete Rec

Always interesting to compare originals to remakes, and thus when I got the chance, I picked up a copy of [*REC], which was remade into Quarantine.

And remade it was, shot for shot pretty much. There are some extra scenes in Quarantine, but it's the same base script. Although [*REC] was filmed in a more raw state, with some moments put on without the actors being aware it was going to happen (such as when the fireman falls). I find it hard to believe that American productions, with the need to overplan everything and make sure safety is ensured, could have gotten away with quite that with their actors.

That all said, even having seen Quarantine, the Spanish film still built up the atmosphere very well. There were moments I was looking for, some 'jump' scares, but it was still very unsettling.

If you like the remake, should definitely find the original. Now to find a copy of Geoul Sokeuro.


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Foo said...

On that note, I saw Ring and Ring 2 (the original Japanese films) in 2000 at a film festival. I think they were shown back to back and were very chilling and disturbing. I didn't watch the 'American' version but understand it is not a patch on the Japanese versions.

I'm all for remakes when they do things well or they reinvent the story (e.g. the new Star Trek) but more often than not the originals are better. When I say better, I don't mean that the older versions necessarily have better acting or effects as typically budgets increase and technology improves with the passing of time, but the actual 'essence' is far stronger in the original.

For me, this was a big fear of the new Who, but luckily we had a group of people who were able to keep the essence but use the advantages that the passing of time had given.

American TV does seem to port some great UK shows over which just don't work in their new 'skin'. Conversely, some shows do make the transition very well such as The Office and uhhh, come on there must be something else - Life on Mars - not that I've heard...

Hey, does anyone remember the really lame British version of That 70's Show? No, I didn't think only ran for a few episodes before being cancelled.