Monday, 1 June 2009


Celebrae! (I never hear the 't' and it wouldn't rhyme then anyway.)

Surprise, it's a holiday today! I didn't realise this was a long weekend until last Tuesday when a work colleague mentioned it. Wha? Since when did I stop working holiday to holiday? That's right, unlike most workers out there, I wasn't counting down until the next time when I didn't have to go to work (outside of the weekend). (Of course, this is a bad time to realise this, as the next holiday isn't until October!)

Didn't hear about sales until recently too. Whitcoulls has 25% off DVDs... Must! Not! Go! I already have too many DVDs and am looking at off-site storage options to clear my flat.

Then there is Farmers, Briscoes, Dick Smiths, Mitre 10, Warehouse, Noel Leemings... you name the (big) store, they're having "specials" or "sales". (Which basically equates to "we make less than the large profit we already make, although we are undoubtly are making profit. If we were less interested in profit, we could keep these items at these prices (or possibly even lower) all the time, but we are a business, we want money, and excuses to have sales, such as holidays, make it seem like you get some sense of savings. Ha! Come to spend money here!")

But the real question it: anyone toasting the Queen today?


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Foo said...

Not over here! Queen's birthday varies year by year and it is not a public (bank) holiday.