Monday, 15 June 2009

Knowing Me, Knowing This

Bah-ha! Nicholas Cage hits the screen in a... mess of a movie that tries to make the point that... I'm not exactly sure. Knowing is about knowing, knowing the future, knowing that there is more to this life, knowing that lying to people is the only way to go... pick any, all, or something else entirely.

The plot revolves around a ridiculous set of coincidences that makes Signs seem like nothing more than a set of fluke circumstances, and add up to a message that aliens don't like humanity and want it to suffer as much as possible. They apparently know the future, but only want one going-crazed astrophysicist to discover this.

Does this mean that the story is really about the characters, about how they relate to each other? Doubt it, as aside from a very minor arc about Nicolas' family there isn't any character development to notice let alone speak about. I'm not even sure the filmmakers wanted to care about any of the characters. Well, probably the kid, but then we are always supposed to care about the kid.

Nicholas Cage heads up a cast of... people who I think I vaguely recognise but browsing the list on IMDB brings no lightbulbs of memories. Given that this script is a random mash, there isn't much the actors can do with it, and proceed to give performances that are indeed filmed and then projected before our eyes. Huh.

Not a brilliant movie, which I knew going in. Something to go see if you have some time on your hands.


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