Monday, 15 June 2009

Warning: Income Dissonance Alert!

Just had to add this post.

Yesterday, saw an article Family fury as 8-year-old finds porn on hotel TV, about how an 8-year-old went into a hotel room, grabbed the TV remote and was exposed to 10 seconds (according to the mother) of hardcore pornography on the screen (the child "lost part of his innocence". The mother immediately "overreacts", as pointed out in the comments. Which also point out some very interesting facts about the family. But the main thrust of the comments are "the mother overreacted, 10 seconds won't harm the kid, he's going to find out about sex anyway, why not have a chat with him instead of hysterically trying to protect him". Also pointed out they see worse things on TV.

Now, compare that with another article, published today Nine-year-olds to be taught about sex, which is about new school instruction about teaching young kids about sex. (So far, no-one in the comments yet is demanding abstinence only education.) Comments are already flying about "how dare you teach this to my children", with others pointing out they see worse things on TV.

It's early minutes, so haven't see any cross-comments linking these two articles together, but I entirely expect someone to "yay" in one thread and "boo" in another...


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