Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The Chronicles of Risan: Part the Thirtieth

We ran (literally!) back to the Emir's city to find more chaos blobs there. One still remained, being fought by Reed and guardsmen. We got stuck in, and laid the smack down on it, when something really icky happened. It infested me. Like, got in under my skin. Eewww! Worms, man, worms under my skin! And it altered my body! Made me stronger, yes, but also slightly less agile and uglier too. Oh, it also made me attack my allies, but I've done that before. While we put the creature down, the changes it did to me are permanent. [And that is how you introduce a slight statistics rearrangement in the middle of a game.]

While we took stock of our situation, and I did some shopping, we found out we needed more information, in particular from an Eye Tyrant (Beholder!) named Azrazin or something (to be honest, I wasn't paying complete attention at the time. Look, shiny new Gauntlets!). The Emir paid us money to go to talk to him, and off we went!

Oh, and the Beholder was also a Wizard. With illusionary fortifications and everything. We decided for the main entrance (Not Party Subtle), walked in and got into a fight (strange that). There was a really annoying creature I spent most of my time with, while others dealt with goblins and human fighters. All of whom had their two eyes removed and one eye in the middle of their head inserted.

After dealing with them, we didn't have enough time to really rest before some proper Cyclops came along. They seemed to see Drow everywhere, so obviously confused [they could see through the Disguise Hat, which is what more than some of us can]. Still, we got stuck in and laid the smack down. Surprisingly, I was barely hit at all!

Then we found the Beholder. Which attacked us for the mere reason we killed its guys. Huh, some people. However, as it was a wizard, it was just as annoying as Alrick with laying down tentacles, and not being able to be seen from a distance. Not to mention the eye rays. But I only nearly died once. Once we took a good chunk of it out, it surrendered to us, and offered to help us find the information we needed. Despite some members of the party threatening to kill it anyway, we accept its offer.

Turns out there's a Chained God somewhere that is escaping, and only another God can chain it. But no God can go where the Chained God is... Now there's a stumper...


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