Monday, 27 July 2009

Ice Age With A Vengence

Time for more cutesiness, and what better way that have lots of story about "family" in Ice Age 3? Everyone's hooking up or producing a family, even Scrat isn't immune (although what exactly Scrat's true love is...).

But there are dinosaurs, through a plot contrivance that isn't as bad as many other plot contrivances out there, and the dinosaurs stop the schmaltzy family ooze from being too overwhemling, as soon Sid is in trouble and hilarity ensues. If it wasn't amazing enough how those prehistorical mammals were like it, it's even more amazing that they actually know what dinosaurs are (for some reason, that plot point really bugged me. Do they have history classes or archeology or something? And yet, I can buy that a sabre-tooth tiger, a mammoth and a sloth can come together as friends. Huh).

Surprise guest voice is Simon Pegg, playing Buck. Definitely him if you know what to listen for, and he clearly has fun with the part. As do the rest of the cast. It's odd how hearing a mammoth with the voice of Roy Romano is considered perfect casting.

Fun enough movie, but remember it is for kids, which some parents might utilise by bringing their clearly too young offspring too. Not the first kids movie better enjoyed by having no kids around.


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