Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Ijjer's Tale, Story One

It been five long years, but at last I return to Solace. I had been travelling through Southern Ergoth, seeking information about the True Gods, no luck there. Have to report failure to Redthorn, but, eh, he human warden. He was the one who tasked us with the idea of splitting up to search for information. There was also Blackwing, human barbarian, of the Que-She tribe like Redthorn, who went off with Kitiana (but did not return with her). Walking with Crow, a human shaman from Haven who joined the Plainsmen of Que-She. An evlen druid Peren, the one I can understand best since we both outsiders to our peoples. And me, a goblin sorcerer, with the power over the storms after... that event...

We originally joined forces many years ago, meeting in Solace, and Redthorn on mission to find information on True Gods, so we split up. Which bring us to five years later, and meeting up again to return to Solace. All of us except Kitiana, she should meet us in Solace. But on way, we encounter hobgoblins lead by a fat one on pony. They look for blue crystal staff, we no have blue crystal staff, they attack us, the others beat them off. [I had two rounds, hit nothing!]

In Solace, we go to inn, meet Kitiana… but she not there. Find two other plainsmen, friends of Redthorn, Riverwing and Goldmoon. Goldmoon daughter of tribe leader, Riverwind and Redthorn fight her for hand by finding True Gods. Riverbend find staff, given to Goldenmoon, but now people looking for it. We join and decide to head for Haven to find out more about staff. (Also some crazy man talking about "dragons". Strange creatures, weird fantasy.)

Set out west for Haven, encounter some lizard creatures. Ha! Can't beat goblin might, storm batters them to pieces! [One daily, but it's a good one! Killed many, many minions.] Decide not to follow road and head through mountain pass to go via woods. Find skeletal warriors, and after some words (goblin very good at convincing others) they lead us to their unicorn forest master. Uni advises we go east to Zak... someplace and put staff back. Give us ride on flying horses! (One day, be able to fly myself with the storm...)

We arrive back at Que-She (although first time there for me) to find it ruined and some burnt corpses. After plainmen cry, we continue east and enter swamp. Find a fortress, go inside to head up for a look, find spiders. Get bitten. Badly. Head towards death, but am brought back. Squish spider! [Don't get into melee, don't get into melee, don't get into melee.] Look around, but worry about plans later.


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