Tuesday, 7 July 2009

It is inevitable, Mr Anderson

It has already happened in the Wellington area, and now there's an incident in Christchurch. I'm talking about a measles outbreak.

And why is there? One important statistic: "Brunton said only one of the 10 infected students had been immunised."

It's this lack of immunisation that leads to people who even have been immunised to getting sick. As the article also says "A decline in immunisation rates meant "herd immunity" where there were enough immune people that the disease could not easily spread had also declined."

It's due to rampant fear of things like "vaccines cause autism". Let me say this as bluntly as possible: VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM.

What's the harm? Here's the harm. One leading speaker in this area is Jenny McCarthy, and here's a page about the body count she has caused.

There are plenty of anti-causality pages around, so I will simply link to one of the better ones rather than recount the details.


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