Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The Chronicles of Risan: Part the Thirty-First

There were two things we needed to know to progress further. One: we needed the Focus of the Gods, so we could channel powers appropriately. Two: the Gateway of the Gods, so we could get to the big bad thing to do something nasty to it. We managed to track down the location to a general area, and found out that the focus was the bones of some dead lichy thing. We girded our loins and set off. [The Endurance skill check I suggested really paid off!]

We head in, and go to find the focus while Reed secures the Gateway. The area aorund the focus is corrupted, and when we pass into the area of corruption we are immediately set upon by some creatures. We owned the fight pretty well, with sound thrashings handed out to all and sundry. [The GM is mainly picking on monsters from Monster Manual 2, which are more balanced than in 1, so it was a fiar fight all around.]

Further in, we see a glow at the heart of the area, but first need to deal with the guardians of the area, angels! I find out that some of them aren't as tough as they seem, although they knock us for a loop whenever we knock them down. This fight takes a while longer, and our tentacly Warlord has to actually be a Warlord, which comes as a surprise to all of us. An Angel of Strength (I think) decided to pick on me, but a careful shot by me put him out of my misery. Once he was down, the others didn't take long. [Annoying flying things, I'm a melee striker, dammit!]

And then we entered the golden glow, and found a large gold dragon sitting on a dias surrounded by great piles of loot, bathed in radiance. However, when it stepped forwards to not be bathed, it revealed itself to be a Dracolich! The fight was on! [And I couldn't roll worth a damn! No change there then.] Unfortunately the dracolich had a little problem getting its breath back [no recharge for the GM], so it wasn't the most fair of fights. Not that we're complaining, mind. Ultimately, as expected, the four of us beat it to a bony pulp.

After loot haulage, we're off to the Gateway...


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