Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Fin vs Tentacle

After the culture of yesterday's post, an effective counter is a movie that screened on the SyFy (don't ask) network: Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus !!!(*)

This movie features... wait for it... a shark... and an octopus!!! Frozen back in the the history of time, they are released and immediately set about destroying various things such as an oil rig and an air plane(*). If only there were Scientists(tm) who could deal with these creatures.

Fortunately, we have Debbie Gibson (yes, the singer) as one of a trio of scientists, who turn from eco-friendly to eco-terrorists without so much as a character arc (which wasn't the only thing missing from this movie). You can tell they are scientists because they wear white lab coats and pour coloured liquid from one test tube into a beaker and so forth. Science! At least we don't need to worry about any dramatic "oh, I must save my child/family/drama point" as the movie doesn't bother with any of that.

Just like it doesn't bother with such things as decent editing (cut weirdly to indicate action, and insert white flashes randomly!) and any kind of direction. Or proper special effects. Or continuity. And the end fight was LAME! AS!

Basically... it's as bad as you expect. Also check out PZ's commentary on this movie as he watched it. Very apropos.



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