Saturday, 19 September 2009

Dance, Flick, Dance

Haven't seen Step Up, nor Step Up 2 The Streets. Not sure how much Fame I saw. Did see Footloose and Flashdance, long time ago... So, with that background, I checked out the latest "comedy" on Dance Flicks.

Basic concept is: white girl learns how to dance. I think. With these movies, anything resembling a plot is a distance second to set pieces of humour. And often scenes are lifted wholesale from the original movies, so it's not like there's any real effort here to tell a story beyond simplistic ideas to string the scenes together. Certainly no exception here, just careen from one set of jokes to the next, with nothing coherent to bother anyone.

Not to say that it isn't amusing, but there's nothing really that hilarious to check out.

And then there's the Wayans. There's tons up of them up in here. Aside from Wayans Jr in the lead, there's the full catalogue of Wayans filling out every role they can. Not sure who's playing the part? Probably a Wayans. (Except for the role given to David Alan Grier). Shoshana Bush should probably be lucky she got the main female lead, and it wasn't Marlon in a wig (not that we didn't get Marlon in a wig anyway). I went in knowing this was a vehicle for them, but still, how many are there?

Then there is the dancing. Aside from obvious jokes, not bad, although I'm not really one for judging these things. A credible attempt at a wide range of moves, although no-one busted out the Robot (probably for the best).

Not a laugh riot, but, surprisingly, nothing that offensive either. Something to watch if you missed going to a better movie.


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