Friday, 18 September 2009


In my continuing attempt to catch up with all those movies I meant to see at the time, I finally got around to watching Bolt. You too will believe that, once again, all animals are capable of talking to each other.

Basic premise: evil overlord kidnaps young girl, and only superdog can save her. How many times have we seen that? Only, the superdog only thinks he's a superdog. It is set up very nicely, but the concept was already spoiled (and now I'm spoiling it for you, ha!) so the trick was one I was waiting to move on. Still, the 'on screen' moments did make me think a Marvel/Disney match up might not be as killing as possible. Yes, there is the predictably cute ending, but this is Disney after all. Not even Marvel would be able to counter that.

Inevitably big names are involved: Miley Cyrus, John Travolta, Malcolm McDowell, James Lipton... A rather understated performance from Mr Travolta, it has to be said. No particular big stunt casting to speak of (outside of those already mentioned), making a change from other Disney animated adventures.

Although these CGI pics take a while, they seem to be churned out fairly rapidly. And ongoing 3D-ness of them as well. It's becoming a rare event that a CGI isn't 3D. Not helping me, of course, but this movie works well enough in 2D.

Anyway, a nice pic, not going to shock the world, but works nicely as a kids movie.


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