Monday, 7 September 2009

HC Again Again

Posted too quickly for this weekend. I got in on the Saturday game, and by 'got in' I mean I was awake when they started at 12pm... which was 4am for me. Why? Although it did take me 20 minutes to get around to actually joining. But, anyway, in I got.

First up, a mission to help find a missing child. Not that hard (wasn't 'prestige'), but did involve me reading a book and becoming MORE POWERFUL! (Finally got the Guard Eyesight spell I really wanted.) Happy Families.

Then we headed out to a haunted hotel. Once again, like a recent mission, getting to the climax was a much bigger problem than the climax itself. Meh. The Travesty.

Then Shawn took over GMing, for the first time for me. We find our place somewhere very nearby, and yet unknowably strange. Just as well as I had my alibi ready! Ulman's Blue Period. (Also after game chat not worth listening to.)


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