Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Google = God

According to some people, we are in the presence of a new deity: Google, its holy self. There are nine reasons listed, not sure about them myself.

1. Omniscient - well it gives answers, yes.
2. Omnipresent - as long as you have an internet connection, so not really.
3. Answers prayers - see point 1.
4. Immortal - wouldn't say so, aside from "may exist as a piece of software stored somewhere", but then that would apply to programs on floopy discs that most people would consider gone.
5. Infinite - Aside from endlessly repeating information, no. 'sides, there's always a last page to the search list.
6. Remember all - Not everything is cached.
7. Do no evil - Omnibenevolent? Wouldn't say so, see their answer to point 3.
8. Results are believed - well, only in that we 'believe' Google found those pages. As, even in more generous allowance of 'the results are believed', about as much as Wikipeadia.
9. Evidence of Google - well, yes. Eg Google.

We can test the godliness with the The Do-It-Yourself Deity test. Onmipotent, Omnibenevolent, Omniscient, Eternally Existing, all check. Not the Creator, nor Sustainer. Not Perfectly Free (does what we tell it to), and one cannot have a personal relationship with it (aside from some unusual sexual considerations). Plausibiliy: 0.6. Better chance of existing that some deities.


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