Tuesday, 15 September 2009

HC Again

On the Friday: we had two relatively new people with us, so we got them to demonstrate how good they were at tracking down something simple. This involved things getting out of hand as they had to deal with the Antonio Banderas Doll.

Then everyone handled a CSI type mod. By everyone, I mean everyone who wasn't me, and by CSI I mean 'Mentalist' which I had seen, leading to the first part of this statement. Que cera cera. Honor redoux.

Got in on Saturday's game again. First up was a mod run by another player turned GM, Sanskrt who lives in the Czech Republic. The first part of the recording, before I got there, was lost. Due to events in the part I was there for this mod was called Dirty Dirty Homeless People Sex.

We then dealt with a standard mythos case involves a couple of books going missing and showing compassion towards the homeless. I'm not sure if we did good or not. Change?


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