Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The Chronicles of Risan: Part the Thirty-Second

Turns out that the Dracolich had in fact been biting a god, and so had a shard of a god in it. That was what we got back, and what we needed to enter the mad god place.

We rejoined with Reed and acolytes, and he used the shard to open the portal to the mad god realm... which looked not so much like a portal as a spiral stairway. With angels flying around. We ascended, while angels attacked us, as angels seemed to be wont to do when near us. I landed a few good blows, but again I was a melee fighter in a range fighter fight. Sigh. We got to the top before the stairway evaporated and entered through a golden archway into a golden holding room. Nice place for a rest, but not somewhere we could stay indefinitely.

We ventured on through, and found a room which contained a death knight. And some other undead creatures. Undead creatures are really annoying. Reed and myself focused on the death knight, although its attack on me pushed me into the field of tentacles Alrick set up. Fortunately (?!), one of his attacks hit me and pushed me out of the way before the tentacles got their chance to do anything to me, indeed pushed me back to the knight. We spent a bit of time beating up on that, while the others dealt with the undead critters. Eventually the death knight was put down, and then the fight was basically over as Reed was able to turn his radiant powers on the rest of the undead.

Still, we creep on, not resting properly as there is something else lurking around here, we are sure of it...


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