Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Ijjer's Tale, Story Seven

Trapped in a wagon, good moment of my life. Trapped with weird people, surrounded by weird creatures, oh woe is me. We down near Qualinesti when there is Elf attack on the forces around us. Forin talked gully dwarf into giving him a battle axe and Blackwind smashed us out of wagon.

Although I am without staff, I is awesome and am blasting all those around me [am pseudo-controller]. Unfortunately, I is also attacked. [First time ever I get to use Goblin tactics, usually because I'm either range attacking, or not missed by a melee attack.] Still, unleashing my tempest proves very effective at cleaning up those around us. [Minions can be annoying, but any damage and they are down, and my tempest deals unavoidable damage.] It's not until the end of the fight that I am able to reclaim my staff, but then we gather ourselves and our compatriots from the wagon, and away we run.

We make our way to Qualinesti and talk to the elves about getting help. We want to enter Paktharos and free some fellow slaves. The elves agree to give us some information, but otherwise want to run away from the fight. Bah, elves. We do also get a chance to go shopping, but can't find much in our price range.

As we prepare to leave, we encounter a kidnapping of elven princess, and Toad on a wyvern [which looks like a disgruntled chicked in 4e] escapes while we deal with more draconian enemies. Not sure I managed to hit anything. Extra incentive to get into Paktharos mayhaps?


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