Wednesday, 23 September 2009


More WARGS, more Shadowrun. And, surprising considering that it's Shadowrun, less combat!

We had a lot of people on our team, so we cranked up the difficulty. Our job: get to someone being held by the NYPD. As it turned out, that was the easy part of the mission! We also had to get to the sister to ensure the brother's cooperation, and that took us a while, and we talked around it a lot. Indeed, our eventual solution to getting "In and Out" was one that a) avoided and all combat, and b) was a solution the writer's never expected us to take. Fortunately, Grant is a great GM, willing to roll with whatever we came up with, so we were done sooner rather than later.

To be honest, we had a few too many people, and really only two or three people did any decent skill checking. It was fun, and we got lots of money (yay!), but we could have had more of a challenge.


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