Thursday, 24 September 2009

Up, up and

Oh, look, another Pixar movie, which happens to be in 3D. Go, go, 2D enjoyment!

Anyway, this is a movie about finding the wilderness is a little too wild. No, wait, it’s about how the elderly can find an effective fountain of youth by hauling a house around. Or maybe it's, yes, Virginia, dogs can talk.

Anyway, this guy's wife dies, so he decides to take a visit to the south without her, and hilarity ensues. Actually, this movie is rather darker than most, with starting out with death, some dark history to Russell, and what happens at the end (there was never the extra cut scene I was expecting about resolving that).

Not to say that it's all dark. There's the usual feel good moments and wacky humour, with something for the kiddies and the... kiddies at heart. It's Pixar, it's not like there’s going to be gory blood explosions or anything.

Standard decent production values, although definitely stylised peoples. Ed Asner is a great old man, although I think Charlton Heston would have been a better Muntz (although I acknowledge there would have been some problems with that) (or Martin Landau!).

If you haven't seen it yet... why not?


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Peter A said...

So, wife dies, spouse takes trip regardless, hilarity ensues as a result.

I can think of an instance where all of the above also takes place without the 'regardless' bit and it's still great! 'As I Lay Dying' was in production hell for years and may have starred diCaprio and Nicholson had it got off the ground (it's a better book though, I'd say). We had 'Carry Me Back' as a local version - still good. Wow, if you think about it too hard there's a whole subgenre - the Weekend at Bernies troika being but a sample.

Er, but yeah. Pixar caricatures its voice talent. Most of the regulars have been doing that for years and for that reason I thought Jack Black was the villain in The Incredibles...