Friday, 2 October 2009

DW: Autonomy

Yet another book, this one Autonomy by Daniel Blythe. Go on, just guess what villains are in this book. Can you?

(Quick note to those who read this full review before they read the book: there's a skip of four years between the opening "prologue" and the first chapter... although this is in no way clear.)

Take Rose, remove anything not to do with Autons, and expand the scene of the Autons running around the stores... and expand it into a book. Hey, you've just done Autonomy! Although there's far more development of the Autons than what kicked off the series (admittedly the Autons were never the point of Rose), however there's also a large dash of "anti-plastic" (not quite the same when not said in a Northern accent).

Daniel takes his time getting on with it, with plenty of one-off Auton attacks, and generally goes at a casual pace revealing the plot. Which indicates there isn't a lot of plot, but also that he isn't really trying to great character development either. We have Kate Macguire, the pseudo-companion, some kids, Reece and Chantelle, and some badly done villains, say hello Max. (Actually, that reminds me of another way to present this story. Take The Long Game, and insert Autons... and, bam!, Autonomy again!)

It's an adequate, if not innovative, read.

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