Sunday, 4 October 2009

HC Again

Catching up, last week I sharked in on Saturday's game. Logan was wanting someone else to take over GMing reigns when he finished, as he's running low on mods at the moment (waiting for new CSI-style shows to start, and has been indulging in MMO playing). However, we provided another option whereby we take a long time to do a single mod. Ha! And Terry has reached 'danger zone' in poz... Madman and Asylum.

Then yesterday had my usual day, although with Terry down I was on my backup character, and then Pete wasn't there, and Marcus was on a no-brainer... which just left Dale (another Australian, playing Bruce) and myself to really carry the case, with Dale in the lead role. Unfortunately, things do go that well, and then Dale's brain switches off, and it's left to me. Last time, I failed to solve the mod... no pressure. Indy Redoux.



Dale Freya said...

Yeah. Sorry about that Jamas. Thanks for taking over there.

Jamas Enright said...

It's all good. The main thing that matter is that we had fun along the way.