Sunday, 11 October 2009

Go 'Bots!

Given that it was Robots, of course I had to go look. Thistle Hall is not exactly in the middle of town (at least, not in the middle of the town where everything else is), but still easily in walking distance.

Robot Show is a collection of Robots, most of them made from "found" objects (aka junk). Some really amazing creations there, and well worth checking out. (Although it does finish today, so get in quick!)

A few Dalek references in there, and some that were more stuffed toy than robots. One set I did like was a set of Aristocratic dolls, created by Graeme Thompson, that had been robotised, with one in particular catching my fancy. It was for sale, as were most of the other pieces, but that art is not something I was willing to pay that much for... (it was a really nice piece... damn, still tempted to go and get it...)

I would say this could be checked out, but unless it starts touring the country, I'm thinking most people won't get to see it.

Oh, just found a Facebook page, and there's a YouTube video [at 2:10 was the robot I mention above]!


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Peter A said...

I was 300 metres away from seeing this yesterday, had a car park, had five to ten minutes to go there. And Then It All Went Horribly Wrong. Thanks for the linkies though!