Thursday, 8 October 2009

The Chronicles of Risan: Part the Thirty-Third

So, we were in whiteness, having just beat up some angel things, and avoided a nasty trap, and pushed on through a white door into more whiteness. And more angels. And a Dwarf Fighter by the name of Orsik. Only one of these things were useful to us.

Certainly not the angels. It was a big beat up fight, that just went on and on, with so many of us doing stuff. One of the angels marked me, so I went over to sort him out... only angels can fly, which makes most of my abilities obsolete. Nuts. I backed off and got my bow out, although I did swap around weapons a bit as things came onto ground level.

But there was that one that marked me. Finally, it was time to deal to him. I let loose two arrows, and... bam! Right up the angel highway. [I needed to roll amazingly high to hit, and got two crits with the one power! Woo! Best I will ever do!] Next people to hit him also laid down the smack on him. [Next hit on him was a crit, and I think also the one after that as well.] Pretty much the only time in the entire fight I managed to hit anything (which wasn't to say I wasn't doing damage, just that I wasn't doing any due to my weapons).

After that, we took stock, then headed into the final confrontation, only to get our minds assaulted. I managed to overcome the psychic assault without problems, although the others had some difficulty. Meh, some of us are made of sterner stuff.

That just left a god to deal to...


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