Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Ijjer's Tale, Story Nine

We continued searching the undergrounds and came across a large crypt like area. Which was obviously full of zombies (as they attacked us). Although there were many, they weren't that impressive, and I killed most of them without really trying. (One tough one fell to a particularly excellent use of my command over the air [4ed has a rule of, for the lower zombies, a crit auto-kills them, useful for non-minions].)

Looking around afterwards, there was no loot (sad), but we did find secret door, which took us into a long passage that linked to where we had been before. Continuing around, the main door into the place shut, trapping us in with a gargoyle. A really annoying gargoyle, which, after I beat it down, turned into a statue so we couldn't damage it. We went back out the secret door and left it to its own devices.

Going out through the main doors of the crypt, we found another place with more secret door, and eventually to a large room with a chain in the middle of it. Lukan climbed up somewhat, but it didn't look interesting, so we ignored it.

Going on, we found another secret door, but then the gargoyle from before found us! It handed the bard's arse to him, but again it was me that killed it. [Very high AC. Very low reflex. Guess which I target. ;)]

Beyond secret door was cellar, and another door which we heard someone talk about a female and there were slapping sounds. [Go us and our maturity!] Realising it was the kidnapped Liana, we opened the door and starting dealing with the dragon-beasts beyond. Our job a lot easier when their own forces took them out. Heh. Two nearly got away, but I swooped in myself and Lukan, although then killed them myself. Go me.

We freed Liana, and other women prisoners. Found out we were in basement, that men prisoners working mine, and children with old dragon. Also room of Gully Dwarves, but we ignore them. After making sure women safe, we set out to free the men...


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