Tuesday, 10 November 2009

HC Again

Been a while since I posted.

A few weeks ago we did a mod that was mostly lost when Logan's computer crashed. It was a CSI type case (based on Castle actually) and we totally solved it. Hear what remains of Fountain Redoux.

Then, as recently mentioned, we went on a Haunted House mod, because it was Halloween! Although, yes, it was haunted, it mainly consisted of it wandering around and getting semi-attacked by spirits and getting absolutely nowhere at all. So no surprise it was just Cold Spot Part 1 of 2.

Thus, last weekend, we continued with Part 2. Although it looked like we would continue to spin it out into a Part 3, we failed to do so by actually doing something that could broadly be interpreted as solving the mission. Not helped by me being distracted by Flash Games. Cold Spot Part 2 of 2.


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