Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Rogue Trading 1

[As threatened, we have started a Rogue Trader campaign, which I have no knowledge of. Since none of us had a manual, we spent the first few hours generating our character. Yay us!

I had the idea I wanted to be a Navigator. From there, I worked out, using the matrix, the rest of my character path, namely that I am from an Imperial World, am a Savant, am Chosen by Destiny, had a Dark Voyage, and am seeking Prestige.

However, then I find out that Nagivators are Mutants. And I am from a Renegade House, which is extra Mutant! Turns out I have a bloated form and membranous growths. Lovely...

Characters are:
Darius, a Rogue Trader
Sebastian, Navigator [Me!]
Juron(?), Arch-Militant
(can't recall), an Explorator

And then we started the adventure...]

We docked at Port Wanderer, on the edge of the Koronus Expanse, and receive word that someone that worked for our Rogue Trader's family was here and wanting to talk to us, meeting us in the market area. We head in, with the gun guy looking for a new pistol. He does find something useful for him, and we find our contact.

He had an item handed down from the grandfather of Darius, which he handed over to Darius, which promptly opened up revealing an astropath stone that I could use to find some lost ship of booty he told us about (I didn't pay much attention). However, as he did that, a bird that belonged to a woman that was following us swooped in and grabbed the stone. The indecency!

Everyone else responded with guns, but I tracked the bird, which dropped the stone (it being too much for its delicate body). Not that I got there first, mind you, but I was the one that grabbed the stone... and got a vision of a starfield for my trouble. Not that I know where it was. That would be something we could track down after we left the area, along with everything else. Our future adventure awaits!


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