Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Fourth Destination

Part of my science fiction education is about learning about the intent of the story. The bulk, however, it about the spectacle. While it's not science fiction in any interesting sense, The Final Destination (aka Final Destination 4) is certainly spectacle over anything else.

Certainly the plot is nothing original. Some people die, only they didn't due to someone getting a premonition, then they are killed off one-by-one in weird ways in the order they should have died. And they seem to escape, until...

Frankly, that could have been any of the movies. So let's talk interesting deaths instead! The scene is set with the opening titles showing (in x-ray vision) various deaths from earlier movies (which I recognised, sad to say), and then the new death kicks off at a car rally. To be honest, when seeing these gruesome moments, there is only really one reaction: laughter. It is so over the top, clearly so, that just give in a chuckle it up. When someone dies by a spinning tire knocking their head off, why not smile?

That said, this movie, like the prior ones, does push some deaths out too far. And by too far I mean boring. What happens to Hunt? Meh. And what happens to the mum is just a "get on with it!" scene. Sigh. So much death, so jaded.

Oh, yeah, and this is 3D as well. Can see some moments, but didn't do much for me.

This is definitely one of the shorter movies around at the moment. Amusing, if you like spectacle, but look for no substance here.


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