Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Rogue Trading 2

[Something I should point out: this is the adventure that's in the main RPG book, so read on only if you don't want spoilers for that.]

So we had this map, but not sure where it was. We tried looking up in the ship's library. Fail. We go looking for map makers. Fail. We check with people on the ship. Fail. We go looking for people with knowledge. After a fail... not fail.

We find out we are heading for Winterscale's Realm, and a particular area therein. First task: get to the general area. This involves going through... The Maw...

Starts well by encountering a warp eddy, which we drive straight into. [Man, we suck. As first level characters, there are very few roles we are successfully making.] However, most of us are fine, and any ill effects pass.

We stop at several way stations, until we hit the Battleground, where we hear a trap... I mean, "salvation beacon". Yeah, it's not a trap. Honest. So we head out there and set off the trap... I mean, the... no wait, it is a trap!

We meet two raiders and a limpet mine coming for us. They get in some lucky early shots and nearly blow us away [only not so by being confused by the rules]. We fails to blow them up, and decide to run away and pretend to be dead. This seems to work, and we limp to the end of the Maw, and get to Footfall. And, for now, we stay there to repair our ship and recrew, although it is slow going. [Sigh, crappy, crappy low skills...]


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